We get a lot of questions asked about becoming a Rugby League referee. Hopefully the following Frequently Asked Questions will assist in any of questions you may have.

Membership FAQs

Well, you have already taken the first step – you’ve found us. Firstly, you will need to register with the NRL and our Association. Your details will be sent to us wherein will contact you. Next, you will be invited to sit an F1 (Foundation 1) course run by the NRL. Pass that (it’s not hard) and you’re ready to get your uniform and whistle and take the field.
If you have already registered as a player (or other participant) on MySideline, simply register and add to your existing profile. If not, head to MySideline (https://profile.mysideline.com.au/) and follow the prompts to get you on your way.
Absolutely not! In fact, some of the best Referees never wore a pair of football boots until they reffed their first game – you’ll never know till you give it a go!
Sure is! We cater for everyone and will customize your transitions through the grades according to your experience, desires and skill levels.
You won’t be the first – we’ve already had our fair share at the top end of town! We won’t go into great depth here, but there are pathways available for any Match Official anywhere to ‘make the grade’. Let’s be honest, it is a hard and bumpy road up the hill, but it’s all up to you, your skill levels and how dedicated you’re willing to be.
Let us count the ways… We provide training and development sessions, have Coaches and Mentors to help you develop your skills and support you. On top of that, we have the full support and resources of Rugby League Brisbane (RLB), the Queensland Rugby League (QRL), National Rugby League (NRL) and the Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC). Our Management Committee will always ensure your safety and insurances are covered on the occasions where something goes pear-shaped. And most importantly, you’ll have the support and competition of your fellow members – we’re a team too and we want you to join us! We’re here for you.
We are a club and like any club, we are required to charge a membership fee to cover the basic costs of being a member. In our case, the majority of your Registration fee goes directly to covering your Insurance. Unfortunately, the Membership fee cannot be paid off as we need to pay your insurance out of it.

Operational FAQs

Yes you can, but it should be extremely rare. The incident would have to be (in your opinion) extremely dangerous and deliberate. You have the opportunity to roll-over players in the event that their actions are deliberate or reckless without being excessively dangerous.
Refer to the Operations Manual first, but in short, you must submit a report before 9:00 pm Sunday night. If the player wishes to challenge the indicative punishment issued by RLB or the RLB Match Review Committee decides the incident is to go straight to Judiciary, be prepared to attend Judiciary (usually Thursday night)
Refer to the Operations Manual first, but in short, you must immediately update your availability in MODS (https://brisbane.rlreferees.com/index.php?Action=members)! If it is Monday or later in the week, you also need to email the Operations Manager so they can update the Allocator/s.
Refer to the Operations Manual first. Next, if you doubt your availability for next week, immediately change your availability in MODS (https://brisbane.rlreferees.com/index.php?Action=members)! Next, get in contact with the Operations Manager who will provide you with our Service Provider number and other information that the doctor and Workcover will require.
We have a Member’s Representative who can either direct your queries in the right direction or arrange for professional assistance if required.
Hurry up and get your Blue Card application in! All members over 18 years old must possess a current Blue Card. The Secretary will work with you to provide guidance for getting your application sorted out – work with him/her as it can take 2 to 4 weeks to process, during which time you will be relegated to spectator status.