Our Mission

To enrich the lives of all participants in officiation of the game of Rugby League. This includes the establishment of a fun, safe and well-structured environment where they can learn and master the necessary skills of the sport whilst developing lifelong friendships.

Along with other officials of the game, the primary goal of our members is to provide all stakeholders in Community Rugby League with a safe and enjoyable environment in which to participate. As with any game, the primary appeal remains with the player’s skills, but no sport can function without the Match Officials to ensure each game is kept in check.

Opportunities for the advancement of interpersonal and leadership skills that will place the members in good stead for their future ventures and life choices. This is accomplished through a professional environment where the members are encouraged to seize opportunities to develop and advance through other’s experiences, self-assessment, opportunity and, ultimately, their own experiences.

Our Purpose

To promote, foster and support the sport of Rugby League by:

  1. The application of the laws of the game as provided by the controlling bodies of the sport;
  2. Promotion of all aspects of refereeing;
  3. Provision of suitably competent and experienced Match Officials for appointment to games; and
  4. Ensuring the best possible protection and safety of all participants in the sport.