Rules of the Game

International Rules
Under 13 to Opens (Updated July 2020)
Junior Law Game Rules
Under 6 to Under 12
Summary of Junior League Game Rule
Safe Play Code
Applicable Under 6 to Under 15
Code of Conduct
Applicable to all Rugby League

Signals & Whistles – Touch Judge and Referee

Guidelines for RLB Junior Matches
All referees officiating in junior fixtures are reminded to be familiar with the procedures in relation to swearing and the conduct of Leaguesafe Officers.

NRL Referees Resource Centre
The resource centre has been designed to provide Rugby League referees with updated learning resources to assist them during their referee career, just click the logo below.


NRL Policy and Guidelines
All referees are required to have knowledge of a number of NRL policies and guidelines that have been developed for player safety.
Infectious Disease Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Heat Guidelines
Electrical Storm Safety Guidelines

Nutrition Information
The following links provide some information towards meeting fitness goals for officiating.
Preseason Convenient Snacks Guide
Preseason Training Nutrition
High Protein Snack Options
Golden Rules for Muscle Gain

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