Senior Jersey

The MC has now obtained approval to take last year’s Senior Jersey trial to the next level and can offer the use of the Senior Jersey in all international levels of the game (U13+) so that your experience can be recognized throughout the game. Unlike 2018, this now means that you only need to purchase one jersey in 2019.

To go with this initiative, the MC has also reconsidered the ‘definition’ of a Senior Referee to be:

Senior status will be granted to any referee who is appointed to and officiates:

A minimum of three (3) Open 2 Men’s or Div 2 Women’s matches or higher in any single season. Excludes Touch Judging.

Previously identified Senior referees from Season 2018 will retain their Senior Status and are eligible for use of
the senior jersey.

Receipt of approval by the MC in cooperation with the Coaching and Development Manager that your performance, actions and behaviour when representing the Association is suitable to receive such recognition.

If you are of the opinion that you belong in this particular group (past or present), we require you to reply immediately, indicating the size and quantity of the Senior Jerseys you would like to order. As we need to order these as a ‘special’ run and so as to achieve a timely delivery, you will only have until Sunday 9th December to place your order. The MC will consider your application based on your specific history with our Association and, only if denied, we will advise you of the decision.

Please note that the wearing of the Senior jersey is not compulsory and you may choose to wear the standard uniform if preferred. Attached is the graphic mock-up of the Senior jersey for your information/ review, but in short, it is the same as last year’s Senior jersey without a collar and black sleeves, but now in Yellow.

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