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Indicators Standard/Evaluation
Criteria 1. Laws/Rules
  • Has a sound understanding of the Laws/Rules of the game
  • Generally applies the Laws/Rules of the game competently and consistently
  • Applies advantage when appropriate
ImprovingAchievingAdditional Coaching
Criteria 2. Signals/Whistle/Communication
  • Has an audible whistle and voice
  • Uses correct signals for the basic signals of the game and applies them correctly
  • Provides verbal explanation for decisions when required
ImprovingAchievingAdditional Coaching
Criteria 3. Safe Play Code
  • Generally applies the Safe Play Code correctly, competently and consistently
  • Applies effective decision when Safe Play Code breached
ImprovingAchievingAdditional Coaching
Criteria 4. Positioning / Urgency
  • Understands positioning at kick-off and restart of play, in general play (setting 5m) and around the goal line and in goal area
  • Shows urgency when moving into position
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Criteria 5. Rucks (Play the Ball)
  • Controls the Rucks and Play the Ball effectively and consistently
  • Effectively controls markers
ImprovingAchievingAdditional Coaching
Criteria 6. 5 metres, 10 metres (restarts)
  • Establishes a consistent 5/10 metres from play as required
  • Controls the 5/10 metres as required
  • Applies advantage when appropriate
ImprovingAchievingAdditional Coaching
Criteria 7. Control (of play/players)
  • The referee displays an adequate knowledge of the rules and applies them effectively to maintain control of the game (contribution to match)
  • The referee uses verbal communication to assist with the control of the game
ImprovingAchievingAdditional Coaching
Criteria 8. Presentation / Uniform / Preparation
  • Has an approved association referee uniform
  • Wears the appropriate uniform correctly - ie. shirt tucked in socks pulled up
  • Arrives with an appropriate amount of time prior to the game to prepare and complete pre-match duties
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Based on the above criteria the aforementioned referee is:

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