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Do not fill this form if you are joining after completing the Level 1 NRL referees course – you need to register via the
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I hereby apply for membership to the Brisbane Rugby League Referees' Association for the 2018 season. I understand that this application is subject to approval from the Brisbane Rugby League Referees' Association Management Committee and other criteria (accreditation and financial) may be required. The 2018 membership fee will be deducted from any monies held on behalf of the member.

The membership fee is currently set at $55 but may change when registrations are accepted by the Queensland Rugby League in early 2018. In the event of any fee change, membership rights won't be affected and the balance will be deducted automatically.

Membership Fee (applicable to International Members Only)
A member remains unfinancial and therefore cannot referee until the invoice or payment is paid. Please check your financial status -
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