Development Session Test 2

Welcome to your Development Session Week 2 Section 11 The Tackle and Play the Ball

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How many tackle ID's are there?
What is the most common tackle?
A red player is held in a tackle. While playing the ball, he makes no attempt to get his foot to the ball. Restart?

Development Session Test 1

Welcome to your Development Session Test 1

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Who is speaking
What type of session was held
Who first walks by in the camera?

Development Session Attendance Exemption

As part of the Association's development policy, attendance is required at the development sessions. Non-attendance of the required development sessions will attract demerit points and subsequent disciplinary actions.

The association is aware that some members due to family/work/study commitments are unable to attend.
This form will enable an exclusion to demerit points to be applied to physical attendance. However, this exemption does not apply to participation in the video sessions and all videos must be viewed and completed.

Junior Law Members and Development Team Members (NRL and QRL) are exempt from development sessions and do not need to apply.

Please explain, the reasons that you will be unable to participate in 25% (1 out of 4)of the development sessions.

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