J Quinlan^1926G Mines LM1986-1999
S Russell LM1927-1938I Irwin LM2000-2001
M Taylor LM1939G Mines LM2002-2005
J Brady LM1940-1953P McPhee LM2006-2007
J Thompson LM1954-1971I Irwin LM2007-2010
R Ward LM1972G Zanatta2011-2013
P McGrory LM1973-1977A McGrath LM2013
R Wilson LM1978M Sauvage2013-2015
D Moran LM1979-1982D Gerhardt LM2016-2018
M Tobin1983A Reese2019-
S Scamp1984-1985
^ Interim - the first association was disqualified by Brisbane Rugby League and reformed in June 1927

C McKinnon LM1938-1939M Tobin1979-1980
J Thompson LM1940-1951T Cannavan1981-1982
P Buckley LM1952-1953A Stolar1983
L Jacobson LM1953-1956A McGrath LM1984-1985
J Wallace1957B Tallon LM1986-2000
G Gray LM1958-1964I Blank LM2001-2005
C Bofinger1965-1966K Walduck2005-2008
P O’Brien1967-1968S Dicinoski2009
B Law1969A Fuhrman-Luck2010-2012
D Moran LM1970-1977S Adams2013
R Bates1978S MacDonald2013-

*R Muir^ later TJ Laws^1926R Wilson LM1974-1975
*C Westbrook1927B Claffey1976
*C Kilpatrick1928M Bartlett1977-1979
*H Horder1929-1933B Wolgast LM1980-1982
*J Moore1934-1935R Campbell LM1983-1986
*R Sully1936J Cox LM1987-1991
*K Hawkins1937K Johnston1991
T McNamara1938-1939A Delandelles LM1992
W Theaker1940-1944A McGrath LM1993
W Lewis1945-1951I Blank LM1994-1997
N Castley1952-1953D Hutton LM1998-2002
P Buckley LM1954-1956C Parker2003-2005
V Renton1957-1958B McGill LM2005-2007
D Salmon1959P Greentree2008-2009
P Harten LM1960-1963N King2010-2011
J Purtell1964M Sosimenko2012
B Law1965-1967S Irvine2013-2019
P McGrory LM1968-1972C Sosimenko2020-
N O’Dougherty1973
* Secretary/Treasurer
^ Interim - The first association was disqualified by Brisbane Rugby League and reformed in June 1927

S Russell1927V Lynagh1962-1971
J Quinlan1927^C Hawthorn1972
W Croning1931-1933V Lynagh1973-1975
R Sully1934-1935R Ward1976
F Moynehan1936-1940B Pramberg1977
J Brady1941R Ward1978-1979
R White1942-1946D Salvati1980^
C McKinnon1947-1948G Mines1993-1999
V Lynagh1950-60I Irwin2000#
N Anderson1961
^ The Association was represented on the BRL from 1926 until suspended on 22/06/27. Representation was reinstated in 1931 and was represented until 1980 when a major reorganisation of the league was made. Representation to the QRL South-East Division was provided after a further reorganising of all leagues by QRL in 1993. From 2001, the Chair of the South East Division Referees’ Board holds a seat on the QRL South East Division Board.
# From 2001, a new board, the South East Division Referees Board was established. J McLeod occupied the position of chairman of the board with D Stubbins occupying the position in 2002-04. This board formerly comprised of members of both the BRLRA and the BRLJDRA. Since 2005 the President now represents the association.