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Long Term Referee Availability

Please click this box if Long-Term Availability is not be to changed from last time - if unsure please complete the form below. If the box is not ticked no changes will be recorded.

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If there is no change to your long-term avaialbility, just complete the short-term availability section.


Short term Availability - Please state if Available or Not

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Season Start Only for Junior Law Referees

1. Do you have a club base?

2. If Yes - Which club and role? (i.e plays for U16 Easts; coach for U14 Redcliffe)

3. Do you have transport to other venues?

4. Are you available to referee other venues outside of your local area if needed?

5. Would you like to be considered for refereeing representative carnivals and school football?

6. Do you wish to touch judge for Open Games at your club base (minimum age is 15)?

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